Optimising financial legacy in St Andrews

Optimising financial legacy in St Andrews

Optimising financial legacy in St Andrews

Please see this press release from our colleagues, Thorntons Law LLP, about the forthcoming Breakfast Seminar in St Andrews on 25 February 2020.


NEWS RELEASE – January 2020

Optimising financial legacy in St Andrews

Residents in St Andrews are urged to attend a free breakfast seminar next month which aims to enable attendees with best practice guidance to optimise their inheritance and protect their estate for the next generation of their family.

The seminar, which takes place on Tuesday 25 February at St Andrews Golf Museum, will be led by Thorntons Investments.

Attendees can expect to leave the seminar with a better understanding of retirement and inheritance tax planning and an overview of the latest inheritance tax and alternative investment market (AIM) investment opportunities. Legal considerations will also be discussed covering the topics of wills and estate planning.

Chris Gardiner, Senior Solicitor at Thorntons Solicitors, will be hosting the legal elements of the St Andrews event.

He said: “Planning ahead can give you a significant advantage in protecting your assets for future generations and Thorntons Solicitors can provide practical and bespoke advice to help clients achieve this. At the seminar we will discuss a range of issues to give attendees a better understanding of this important area, as well as an opportunity for them to ask questions.” 

The two hour morning seminar kicks off from 8.30am at St Andrews Golf Museum on Tuesday 25 February.

To find out more and to book a place, please visit https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/thorntons-investments-breakfast-seminar-st-andrews-golf-museum-tickets-83814075155 or contact marketing@thorntons-investments.co.uk.

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