Go Green for Earth Day

Go Green for Earth Day

Go Green for Earth Day

April each year is Earth Month, with Earth Day taking place today, April 22nd. This is all about raising awareness and encouraging action to support environmental projects and initiatives.

But if we are serious about combating climate change and its impacts then more and more of us need to get on board and actively engage. The time has long passed for sticking your head in the sand and hoping the problems will go away, or worse, denying that there are any climate change issues at all.

Action can be global or local, big or small. Whether its large-scale reforestation projects or remembering to fill your recycling bins at home, it all makes a difference.

As a business, we set up a ‘Green Committee’ to make changes around our office. Some are really easy, for example simply turning down your screen brightness from 100% to 70% can save 20% of your monitor’s energy.  And you won’t notice the difference – promise! 

We also subscribe to Ecologi on behalf of each and every one of our staff. Our funding directly supports climate projects all over the world, helping to make a real and sustainable impact on reducing global carbon emissions.

To date we have funded the planting of over 3,300 trees and supported the prevention of over 250 tonnes of CO2 equivalent from being emitted. This equates to one of:

  • 625,000 car miles
  • 250 long haul flights
  • 34,500 meat based meals or 490,000 vegetarian meals

So why not make every day Earth Day, and help safeguard the Earth’s natural resources for future generations.



Further details can be found at our Ecologi Sustainability page below:


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