Dundee to become the UK’s first Living Wage City

Supporting the city’s aim to reduce in-work poverty

Dundee to become the UK’s first Living Wage City

Dundee to become the UK’s first Living Wage City

Wednesday, 6 March marked another important milestone in Dundee’s continued journey into becoming a great place to visit – and in this case, work!  A scheme has been launched to make Dundee the UK’s first ‘living wage city’ and we’re delighted that we’ve been asked to be part of an action group to try and increase the number of local businesses pledging to pay the living wage. 

Why Dundee?  Sadly, we still have one of the highest deprivation rates in Scotland and only around 25% of the working population are currently paid the Living Wage so there’s clearly more work to be done.

The Living Wage is set each year by the Living Wage Foundation and following extensive research is the amount independently calculated as what employees and their families need to earn to live.

Currently there are just over 50 employers in the Dundee area who are committed to being a Living Wage Employer.  So there’s a long way to go!

We became a Living Wage Employer more than two years ago and are proud to promote this pledge as part of our employer brand – we believe it helps us attract and retain great quality employees.

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