About Thorntons Investments

We are an investment management business based in Dundee with offices in Aberdeen and Edinburgh and with key client relationships across the whole of the UK.

At our core, we focus on the key discipline of managing investments on behalf of our clients and their advisers but there is more to our business than that statement, on its own, would imply. Being based in Dundee offers us the space and freedom to make calm and considered decisions on behalf of our clients, away from the noise of the main financial centres in the UK. Our breadth of service covers Discretionary Portfolio Management for Private Clients and Trustees and Risk Targeted Model Portfolios for UK Financial Advisers. We also offer an AIM IHT Portfolio to UK Financial Advisers which is becoming increasingly important to our Adviser partners in its simplicity and effectiveness.

Our investment team have the skills, expertise and experience our clients look for in an investment manager and we believe our role and purpose is to protect and grow our clients’ investments and ensure our clients, and their advisers, feel the trust they have placed in us is rewarded with good performance and outstanding service.

“Hand-picking a superb team has been one of my proudest achievements at Thorntons Investments.” Stephen Webster CEO.

AJ Bell:

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