Discretionary Portfolio Management Service

Delegate your portfolio’s ongoing management to our team of professional investment managers.

An introduction to our Discretionary Portfolio Management Service

Our Discretionary Portfolio Management Service is designed for investors who wish to delegate their portfolio’s ongoing management to professional investment managers.

The service enables you to deliver investment solutions tailored to your client’s needs.

Our portfolio managers have many years of experience and we have loyal and local clients.

Those clients come to us looking for investment growth beyond that offered by the banks. They want the best for their money. They have their own ambitions and specific goals.

As portfolio managers, we ensure we understand everything about those ambitions before we start to create a truly tailored portfolio.

How it works

We work with advisers who recognise that investment management is a specialism.

We apply a consistent, dynamic market view to all portfolios, employing robust quantitative and qualitative research processes. We then overlay this with our knowledge of specific issues, preferences and constraints unique to each client.

We deliver this through a calm and considered approach based on wisdom and experience.

But we do more than that

We’re looking to create investment solutions for each client’s own financial plan, which means taking full consideration of their own particular requirements and attitude to risk to make sure what we do remains consistent.

This means we work very closely with you and maintain regular contact with your clients. We prefer to be fully involved in their review meetings, to ensure what we’re doing is consistent with the plan you’ve designed for them.

We look to understand the return objective for the portfolio and the extent to which short-term falls in value can occur, without jeopardising the overall plan.

We will also look at the most tax-efficient way of managing the portfolio. 

We think of the scenario like this

As an adviser you are the captain of the ship, with us as the navigator. That is, the success of a ship’s voyage lies on the captain’s shoulders, but it’s the navigator who understands how currents, tides and winds will affect how the ship sails.

By working together with you we can deliver the best of all possible outcomes as you and we each focus on what we do best.

We never forget that we’re dealing with your clients’ money, and making decisions that will affect their future.

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