Financial Planning and Discretionary Portfolio Management

We want you to feel secure, and calm about your financial future. And all set for the journey ahead, rain or shine.

About You

We’re here to help you plan your future.

So that we can advise you how to make your money work best for you, we need to get a clear picture of your current financial situation and what matters to you in life.

Simply put, we need to get to know you.

This enables us to work out a plan specifically for you. The more we know about you, the more we can provide you with a solution that fits your needs. A solution that also helps you realise your dreams while feeling secure.

It’s important to feel the chemistry is right before we embark on an adventure together.  When you’re happy and ready to work with us, we will develop our relationship and begin work on planning for your financial future. There are a number of things it would help us to know about you; your goals, your commitments, who depends on you, your capital, your aims for retirement, your attitude to risk and your lifestyle. Not forgetting your dreams and your concerns.

Our approach

We’re here to listen carefully to you. We’ll endeavour to explain everything in simple terms and our desire is to leave you feeling confident about working with us. Finances can be challenging, complex and daunting. We aim to make them less so.

We’ll start by helping you to articulate your goals and decide what’s most important. We will ask you to think about this in some detail and may prompt you to consider some areas you haven’t thought of before. Sometimes we’ll play devil’s advocate! This will help us to unearth the information we need to create a detailed picture of your current financial position.  This is the starting point for our journey and the first step towards helping you achieve your objectives.

We’ll regularly review this and make adjustments along the way so that whatever happens – be it a financial windfall or set back – your long-term destination stays in sight.

Think of it as a journey from one end of the country to another: your intention might be to reach John O’ Groats, but your route may not be the one you expected when you set off. We’ll help to reach your destination no matter what direction your life takes.

It’s knowing where you’re heading and that you have the means and maps to get there – that’s the important thing.

Our Philosophy

I enjoy helping clients to reach their goals and navigating the twists that life invariably gives us all.

~ Susan Bennett, Chartered Financial Planner

Our 6 step financial planning process

Here’s a step-by-step outline of how we will go forward together.



An initial meeting allows us to start to get to know each other. It gives you the opportunity to tell us about your hopes and aspirations, and to ask us any questions.

If you think we can help you achieve your goals, we’ll agree on the way forward.



The next step is for us to gather as much information as we can about your personal and financial objectives. From what you tell us we’ll build a picture of your life, what’s important to you and what it costs to be you.



We’ll then go away and look in detail at your current financial position – your income, expenditure, assets and liabilities. We’ll look at your personal objectives, and your attitude to risk and set out a plan that accommodates your financial and personal ambitions.



We’ll then meet again to review your plan. We’ll go through our recommendations and explain how they meet your objectives. We’ll also demonstrate how the plan can be adapted if your needs change. You will of course have the opportunity to ask us any questions and consider all the options available.

“When a client recently said: ‘I thought I would have to work for years but now I don’t. You’ve just changed our lives’ – that was very satisfying”
~ Graeme Young, Chartered Financial Planner



Once the plan has been agreed, we’ll begin implementing it. We’ll put in place the products and services we’ve outlined. We’ll endeavour to keep any paperwork to a minimum and as hassle free as possible.



Finally we’ll agree on how regularly we should review your plan. Life can change, which means your goals and dreams might too. Regular reviews enable us to make sure your plan continues to meet your needs, check progress and make any necessary adjustments.

We work with you to create a plan that evolves with you over time, but always has your preferred destination in mind.

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